womanAt Mentors for Change we use relaxation, guided imagery and visualization to aid our clients in recognizing and overcoming the obstacles that are holding them back in their personal and professional lives.

We typically work with clients who are struggling to control habits like smoking, procrastination or overeating, or fears from full blown phobias to general unease that negatively affects their lives.

Frequently our clients uncover unconscious beliefs that unnecessarily restrict the universe of choices available to them. Some have buried and denied or lost control over their emotions to such an extent that it is affecting their health relationships and careers.

We also work with clients pre and post surgery to prepare their bodies for optimal healing, or work with the side effect of health issues and their treatment.

What makes us different is that we help people to realize the many alternatives available and make the best choices for them in a given situation. Since hypnosis is a natural and holistic methodology it does not produce unwanted side effects nor interfere with other approaches.

If you feel that you or anyone you know could benefit from our services please call us to schedule a free and confidential consultation.